Swan handheld laser welding machine

Wobble welding head, welding database, human protection

Portable Mainframe

Laser aource and chiller are integrated in one machine, easy to move; Upper and lower layer design for heat source isolation,ensuring working enviornment of laser source; easy to maintain.

Welding Database

30+ years laser welding experience of application of aerospace, metro, locomotive,etc. Material can be welded: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum etc.

Laser Welding Advantages

Higher Quality: Material welded by self-melting, no base material needed;Deeper penetration and higher welding strength; Welding surface bright and smooth, no need for polishing Higher Efficiency Efficiency improved several times than traditional arc welding.

Cutting Samples

Industry Application

Product Parameters

Laser power : 1000W-2000W
Laser Source : Raycus/IPG/JPT


Product Video

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