Specialized welding system for heat exchanger plates


A specialized welding system has been developed for the manufacturing of large metal tanks and heat exchanger plates. The system includes a machine tool, hydraulic gantry pressing device, fiber laser, welding platform, and electrical control cabinet. The equipment layout is available in two options: 10m×6.8m and 8.0m×2.5m, with an effective working range of 4m for the X-axis, 2.0m for the Y-axis in the first option and 8m for the X-axis, 2.5m for the Y-axis in the second option.

The hydraulic gantry pressing mechanism allows for the disconnection of the pressing device and can be used for any figure welding, fully automated within the effective working range. The equipment is designed to allow for one loading, with unattended operation throughout. Moreover, the carefully designed welding protection device ensures oxidation-free weld seams, resulting in a smooth surface for welded products.

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