Welding System for Automotive Parts


Laser welding has become a popular trend in the automotive industry, especially for gears. Leading automobile manufacturers worldwide have adopted laser welding as a superior alternative to resistance welding, induction welding, and electron beam welding, which has resulted in a more competitive product market. Laser welding enables the reduction of the number of gear parts while improving gear quality and decreasing manufacturing costs.

Unlike traditional welding methods, laser welding of gears does not require a vacuum, thus eliminating welding deformation and the need for refinements. Additionally, laser welding allows for a high ratio of weld depth to width, up to 10:1, and produces comprehensive mechanical properties that match or exceed the base material. This ensures that gears can transmit a large torque efficiently.

Pentium Laser has developed and produced a laser welding machine that meets the unique requirements of airbag seam sealing, with fully automatic processing at both stations. This highly automated method reduces the processing time and cost of airbag production.

The technical features of this machine include a large melting depth of up to 2-3mm, high welding strength, minimal welding deformation, a high degree of automation that is easy to control, fast welding accuracy, repeat operation stability, high yield, and non-contact processing. It eliminates the need for welding aids, welding rods or filler materials, resulting in impurity-free and pollution-free weld seams.

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