Large Format BULL

Super large processing working table,bevel cutting.

Super Large Working Table Optional

Super large processing working table with 3000m×28000mm (optional), with the features of laser cutting high precision, high efficiency, clean and environmental protection etc., make it the best choice to replace the traditional flame and plasma cutting equipment.

Gantry Structure Auto Calibration

Adopt Gantry structure to replace backpack CO2 Laser Cutting Machine, with the advantage of power saving, fast moving, fast cutting, fast piercing etc. The production efficiency is promoted more than 50%; imported intelligent cutting head which guarantee the stability and advancement.

Partition automatic dust removal

Dust extraction dampers follow the cutting position to open, reducing dust emissions during unloading and production process, and it can also be equipped with automatic slag removal devices to make slag removal more simple and efficient.

RTCP calibration function

The rotation of the cutting head is controlled by Penta's proprietary high-precision servo motor and drive, with RTCP calibration function.

Cutting Samples

Industry Application

Product Parameters

Laser power :

2000W to 60000W (optional)

Processing format (length * width) :

12000mm * 3500mm (optional)

Maximum acceleration :


Maximum running speed :


Repeated positioning accuracy :


Appearance size ( length width height ) :


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