Penta Laser’s 10th anniversary celebration was held


In the afternoon of Dec. 30, Penta Laser held the 10th anniversary celebration meeting in Wenzhou headquarters, the leaders of Linyi City Yihe New District Management Committee, Wenzhou High-tech Zone , and Wenzhou Science and Technology Bureau, news media reporters and representatives of Penta Laser customers, bank representatives, the Secretary-General of Wenzhou Laser Industry Association, all staff in Wenzhou company attended the celebration meeting.

Mr. Martino Burlamacchi, Chairman of Penta Laser, gave a speech first, Prof. Tan Jianrong, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Zhejiang University, Chen Chao, Secretary General of Laser Processing Professional Committee of Chinese Optical Society, made a video congratulatory speech, Secretary General of Special Processing Branch of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, Secretary General of Zhejiang Machinery Industry Federation, General Manager of IPG (China) Ltd, sent congratulatory videos to express their warm congratulations on the 10th anniversary of Penta Laser.

Finally, Wu Rangda , CEO of Penta Laser, made a comprehensive summary about the milestones of Penta Laser. On behalf of the company, he thanked the local government leaders for their strong support and care during the 10 years, and depicted a new blueprint for the company’s development in the next 10 years. He called on all employees to respond to the call of the 20th Party Congress: “Forge ahead with courage”, cherish past achievements and keep passion . We must strive to become a world leader in laser intelligent equipment and strive for change and innovation!

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