Live Review of the Debut of Penta Laser 60,000W Laser Cutting Machine and Intelligent Factory Open Day


On March 6th,Penta Laser 60,000W laser cutting machine met with you online. The live broadcast is divided into two sections: intelligent factory and product show, here is our wonderful review of this live broadcast!

01Intelligent Factory

With ERP cloud operation system, MES intelligent manufacturing system, PLM R&D system, remote operation and maintenance CRM service system and other comprehensive software management platform, Penta Laser is able to share data with suppliers and customers, monitor real-time feedback, product quality and production schedule during the manufacturing process. Penta Laser has taken the lead in a new stage of intelligent manufacturing laser machines.

02 After-sales remote operation and maintenance center

Intelligent factory is not only capable of intelligent production supervision, but also able to quickly obtain customer after-sales demand and feedback on machine operation problems timely, the remote operation and maintenance center is not only able to display nationwide equipment operation information , but also able to dispatch after-sales engineers to carry out system maintenance and testing work in a timely manner after customers report repairs, which allows our customers to better experience.

03 BOLT8 30kW

The magnetic levitation plane cutting machine from electric series, with   beam power of 30kW and large thrust linear motor drive cut fast and accurately. The finished cutting product is smooth and glossy !

04 60kW laser cutting machine

60kW ultra-high power intelligent laser cutting machine,equipped with Penta Laser’s self-developed intelligent laser cutting head and  unique SM operating system make it easy to cut thick plates. The whole cutting process is  air-saving and efficient.The feeding speed is up to 11-12m/min when it cut 20mm thickness of carbon steel with air .

05 Intelligent automatic loading and unloading system

Penta laser intelligent automatic loading and unloading production line, the loading truss will carry the raw materials through the fork tines, after the laser cutting machine has cut the plate, the unloading truss will automatically grab the parts through visual recognition and place them on the unloading table, which greatly improves the efficiency of the production process!

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